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Improving the performance of our health-care system is without a doubt one of the most important challenges that is facing Malaysia today. In recent decades, by leveraging information technology to improve efficiency, accuracy and effectiveness of service delivery, we at ARA TechBis are transforming healthcare whilst improving the patient healthcare experience.

Many high value assets remain underutilized without any overall visibility. Nurses and biomedical staff waste unnecessary time manually searching for patient care equipment. All these manual processes results in inefficient use of time, low asset utilization rates, over purchase of equipments, non-compliance with regulatory mandates, increased patient waiting time, and in extreme instances, the loss of the equipment itself.

For hospital labour and delivery departments to ensure patient safety, they rely on positive patient identification to ensure the right treatment and medication is administered. For newborn infants, accurately matching the right mother to the right infant is critical; supported by real time infant tracking; the possibility of infant abduction is mitigated.


Our strongest product capabilities include automated and real time patient location tracking, asset tracking, blood bag tracking, electronic medical records, vital signs monitoring, bed status monitoring and bedside matching of the right infant to the right mother.








To prevent infant abduction and baby mix-ups.

The SmartSense infant safety solution promises to further enhance maternity patients’ experience after the delivery of their new bundle of joy in the hospital. Using patented tag-to-tag technology, the automatic and on-demand matching feature provided by the tags allows anxious mothers and fathers to ensure that the right baby is brought to them at all times.

Probably a first in the world, and deployed in more than 90% of Singapore hospitals’ maternity wards,  SmartSense infant safety is specially designed to have baby to cot matching, in addition to the basic baby-mother matching feature. Its ability to locally match the mother, baby and cot tags, with visual and audible alerts, without the need or presence of an infrastructure makes usage process and deployment very simple and quick.

Registration workflow is also streamlined with the foolproof pre-paired feature of the mother, cot and infant tag. Nurses do not have to perform a manual pairing follow by a manual registration at the computer anymore.  This improved process not only reduces nurses’ workload, it also eliminates any possibility of human error of pairing the wrong infant tag with the mother/cot tag.

With SmartSense’s intuitively designed, touchscreen friendly digital whiteboard, nurses now have a full real-time visibility of all their patients in one glance and have access to the complete information of a patient with a simple tap on the patient tile.

Infant Safety


Real-time Location Tracking.

With the increasing demand for better healthcare service today, it is tough for hospitals to manually monitor and have clear visibility of the whereabouts of their equipment. Ward staff have to make several phone calls to look for needed equipment. Biomedical engineering staff have to manually ensure that preventive maintenance is done on time by making their rounds searching and verifying scribbled information labelled on each piece of equipment periodically. These manual processes result in inefficient use of time, low utilization rates, over purchase of equipment, non-compliance with regulatory mandates, increased patient waiting time and sometimes loss and theft of equipment.

To overcome these challenges, we offer SmartSense, an RTLS/RFID system that allows tracking of hospital assets in real time. This helps hospital staff locate whatever and whoever they need instantly which is particularly useful for patient treatment or preventive maintenance for hospital equipment. With SmartSense, hospitals can effectively optimize assets utilization, improve patient safety, operational efficiency and reduce cost.

In addition, SmartSense also provides a web-based application system SmartSense BERS that helps to effectively digitize the biomedical engineering department, so that all real-time information can be accessible online by the whole department, anytime, anywhere.

RFID Asset Tracking.png
Asset Tracking


Hospitals today face a number of challenges managing the patient flow process from admission to discharge. The bed status information in the hospital information system is often not up to date as the system relies on staff to manually update them. Operations and the bed management unit do not have clear visibility of real-time bed statuses in the hospital, resulting in time spent making phone calls to enquire bed statuses and patients’ whereabouts.

To overcome these challenges, Cadi offers an RFID patient location tracking solution that helps manage and optimize the patient flow process from the point of admission to discharge. SmartSense enables staff to have an up-to-date overview of every patient’s location, automatically updating bed status information, patients’ Admission-Discharge-Transfer statuses and sends operational triggers to various personnel with minimal human intervention.

Patient Tracking

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