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CCTV Solutions

The success rate of an organisation in achieving optimal results in security lies on how well it is able to combine the basic form of physical security (human guarding) with technology. ARA TechBis offers a complete building security solution covering the building’s external perimeter, internal perimeter as well as the buildings interior. Our solution includes CCTV and surveillance solution, access control systems (card, fingerprint, barrier gates etc.), and perimeter security solution (photo-beams, motion detectors and alarm systems).

CCTV systems have proven to be essential tools in most any surveillance and security application. Just a partial list of applications includes banking, retail, hospital, traffic management, and city centres. In all of these applications, video cameras are used as visual tools of the security staff or security design. CCTV systems greatly increase the geographic areas that can be covered by one security professional. No longer are long, arduous guard tours needed, requiring an individual to walk or drive long distances to provide security. In addition, once an event has transpired, the video recording can be used for investigation and evidence in criminal and civil liability cases. The installation of CCTV security systems thus provides a large deterrence to unlawful activity, and provides a strong sense of security to patrons of facilities that use CCTV.

ARA TechBis also provide consultancy services to building managements for the deployment of CCTV Systems which includes the following:

  1. Placement and Quantity determination of Indoor/Outdoor Cameras

  2. Determination of Type of Cameras and Lenses – Infra-Red, Day & Night Cameras, PTZ Cameras, Vari-Focal/Zoom Lenses, Manual vs Auto Iris etc.

  3. Wireless and Wired Transmission.

  4. Remote Surveillance over Network.

  5. Cabling and Trunking Requirements

  6. HD Storage, RAID and Backup Assessment 

CCTV Solutions

Access Control System

ARA TechBis Access Control Solutions offers an extensive line of powerful, versatile access control readers that represents the leading edge of the industry. Consisting of leading door access brands; featuring from low-frequency (125 kHz), high-frequency (13.56 MHz) and multi-technology solutions which includes biometric readers.

The solution includes open architecture access controllers and IP-based access control hardware, representing a new revolution in IP-enabled access control solutions. It offers fully distributed intelligence and decision making right to the door, leveraging the IT infrastructure to the maximum extent possible; enabling remote management and report generation via standard Web browsers. Supported by a strong project implementation team, ARA TechBis has delivered various enterprise-wide access control systems in Malaysia.

Access Control System

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