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Fuel Management System

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PUMPMATIC is the Forecourt Controller unit (FCC) and is the nucleus of the FMS System. It handles all incoming and outgoing data coming in and going out of the FMS. We have 2 versions of PumpMatic. The more robust PumpMatic which comes in the form of a standalone PC can handle up to hundreds of dispensers at one go and is used in retail stations. The scaled-down version, SiteMatic is an embedded version that is normally used for home-based or commercial clients.

PumpMatic is a very powerful PC-Based Forecourt controller that can integrate with all major dispenser brands in the world. It is the nucleus of the fuel retail station.

In our solution suite, PumpMatic communicates with Point of Sales, TankMatic and FuelMatic and transfer the data over to CentreMatic and MonitorPlus that sit in the Head Office. CentreMatic is the centre for user account management and authentication while Monitor Plus is the centre for Dashboards and Analysis.

PumpMatic manages all the pumps in a station. It can be integrated to POS, IDMatic for customer and attendant identification, FuelMatic for vehicle identification, TankMatic for wet stock management, fleet card management, shift management and price management. PumpMatic software can reside in the same PC as TankMatic thus reducing the cost of having to invest in additional hardware.

​PumpMatic can capture any information that exist in the pump communication protocol. It would be able to capture pump communication error and send that as an alarm to the head office software. If the pump can push out more information like nozzle problem or pump pressure problem etc., then we can also capture that information and display them as well. This is a testament of our solution being brand-independent. Of course, similarly PumpMatic can also capture all alarms coming from TankMatic like overfill, tank leakage, high temperature, water level etc. Similarly, it can integrate to all equipment communication protocol. If the information is contained within the protocol, then we can grab it and display!



What is TankerMatic?

  •     Non forecourt sales management

  •     Customer identification

  •     Vehicle identification (FuelMatic)

  •     Driver/Attendant identification (IDMatic)

  •     Sales reports

  •     Credit management through HQ

  •     Full mobility

  •     Cost efficiency In-House based sales


TankerMatic – How does it work?


TankerMatic – No Internet? No Problem – Offline Scenario



This is in fact a very crucial module since it is the system which ensures that the starting point of the entire fuel supply chain is correct to begin with.


TANKMATIC is the multifunctional tank automation system operating between the tank automation systems and PUMPMATIC.  Thanks to this software, regardless of which tank automation system is installed at the station, Oil Company can acquire reports through standard software and carry out their own processes.  It is vital to use this program especially when accessing the tank automation systems remotely, because remote access to each tank automation requires a separate technique and software. TANKMATIC eliminates this difficulty.

TANKMATIC tank automation software is fully online integrated with PUMPMATIC pump automation system and HQ system.  This software is fully integrated with numerous tank automation systems in the industry, and considerably user friendly as the user accesses different systems regardless of which tank automation system is installed at the fuel station.  In line with the information it receives from the tank automation systems; this software sends reports on the tank inventories, alarms, fuel deliveries, tank leakage tests, immediate inventories, etc.  Such information is saved in the automation system thanks to TANKMATIC tank automation software as well as the limited storage capacity of the tank control units, and thus, all events that have occurred for years are recorded.

Another advantage of TANKMATIC tank automation software is its automatic tank calibration feature: After any station installation, the tank automation requires tank calibration regardless of the system used.  A typical tank calibration done by other providers will take an average of 8 hours per tank and requires renting a tanker truck as well as stopping pump operation.  TANKMATIC tank automation software, on the other hand, carries out the calibration automatically while the station in use.  Thus, both time and money are saved and the accuracy of this calibration process is higher than the physical calibration process.  In short, TANKMATIC is a smart tank management system that enables operator to monitor, configure, and control all fuel-stock.

​Key Benefits:
•    Monitor inflow and outflow of fuel (in to and out of skid tanks)
•    Provides real-time and accurate wet stock inventory
•    Gives variance between fuel order quantity and actual fuel quantity
•    Fuel ordering planning
•    Shows water level in the tank
•    Can be integrated to all global ATG Systems
•    Allows automatic calibration
•    Temperature, Alarms, Leak Detection and Density Levels with *additional sensors


CenterMatic & Monitor+

Centrematic and Monitor Plus (Monitor+) are state-of-the-art Head Office Software that communicates with the PumpMatic Fore Court Controller at the station. These head office software can reside in servers or be hosted on cloud. Monitor+ consolidates all information on sales (from POS), fleet sales (from FMS and Fleet Card Systems) and wet stock inventory (from TankMatic) on a single platform and database and provides the top management and retail operations manager with a dashboard, detailed sales information, inventory information, detailed wet stock inventory information (opening stock, deliveries, sales, closing stock, variance and analysis), useful charts, heat maps etc. The Monitor+ was developed for the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) of Turkey to monitor the movement of every drop of fuel coming into the country till it is dispensed out to vehicles. EMRA accepts deviation up to 288 litres or below 3% wet stock variance. Any anomaly outside of this range must be explained. It is the platform used to manage all over 6,000 stations of all oil companies in the entire country of Turkey.

The Monitor+ can be customised and configured. It gives so much information to the oil company that it is almost impossible to show all its features. Below are some of the features of the Monitor+.


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